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Welcome to the Mobtest blog! Our first post, so let us describe to you what our mission is. Actually, how we would put it now, as this will most definitely change over time:)

Mobtest’s mission is to connect mobile app developers with users┬áthat understand apps and can test them

Why? Well for developers, we think that now it is too hard to do app testing, so the quality of the apps out there is not that great. How many times do you have an iPhone app crashing on you? Or received a lot of one star ratings because of a huge bug you or Apple didn’t find before publishing in the App Store? That should be a thing of the past. With over 450,000 apps in the iTunes app store and 250,000 in the Android market it is hard to stand out. Your app needs to be top notch to do so.

Besides that the market is growing and growing, over the next 4 years about 1,000 percent. We as app developers have to deal with that, crunch out more apps while same time improve the quality of our work. Not a simple task.

For testers, we want to give them early acces to the coolest newest apps out there, and give them a chance to help them improve these apps. And become good at testing them and adding value to the developers.

Engineers focus on development, testers will provide them with input what part of their work needs improvement. Find out why your app always crashes. Learn if your users find it easy to use your app. No more crappy apps! No more one star ratings!

What do you think?