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wrist turn wearing a watch

Tomorrow Apple will announce the release date of their Apple watch. This is their entry device in a whole new category, as were the iPhone and iPad. Although there are other smartwatches like the Pebble and various Android smart watches, none these have been sold on a grand scale and are only used by early adopters. Apple always waits, until Apple’s version is near perfect and the market is ready for it. So it is time for smartwatches to become mainstream.

Google Glass failed not so much because of the technology and features, but because of social reasons. People thought it was intrusive. Is he taking pictures of me? Is he reading his email when his eye wanders? Granted, Google Glass is really “in your face”, both for the wearer and the person interacting with the wearer. Social reasons, not technology reasons made Glass fail as a consumer product.

Apple Watch will come with a slew of new technologies and new ways we can use our watch. Pay, open our car doors, operate our music. I have a Pebble. One of the things I find most useful are the notifications that arrived the watch. No need to pull out your phone, just look at your watch. A subtle vibration indicates a notification has arrived. And you just turn your wrist and look at the display, and see what notification came in.

Normally, looking at your watch means you want to know what time it is. Seeing someone else look at their watch might indicate they need to go, or are bored. Now this will be a thing we will do a lot more when smartwatches become mainstream, and look at our notifications. So my question is: can we change the perception of the wrist turn?