Great slides on iOS interface design by Qubop

January 11, 2012

Not our content, but I loved this great presentation by our friends at Qubop.

My take aways:

  1. Apple values great visual design over human interface guideline compliance
  2. Assume nobody reads anything
  3. Make choices for users (no 50 configuration settings please!)
  4. Limit the number of clicks
  5. Don’t force a workflow on mobile
  6. Be consistent across different platforms
  7. New trends #1: 5 tab navigation, where the center tab answers the question “What do I do with this app?”
  8. New trends #2: hidden navigation is replacing tab bars
  9. New trends #3: users expect “Pull to refresh”
  10. New trends #4: iPad and iPhone are converging
Here are the slides from their presentation:

Dirk de Kok